Servo 150 for Bridgeport (hand feed mill)
Only $825.00
On SALE for only $743.75

Rebuild Kit for a 2 HP Bridgeport
Only $326.00
On SALE for only $295.00

Acu-Rite VUE Milling 2-Axis Digital Readout System, 13"x32"
Only $1,486.00
On SALE for only $1,188.80

Trusty-Cook Soft Face Dead Blow Model #3
Only $37.00
On SALE for only $29.60

Guide to Renovating the "2J" Head Machine
Only $29.95
On SALE for only $25.95

Machinist Calc Pro
Only $79.95
On SALE for only $69.95

Maxi Torque-Rite Power Drawbar for Bridgeport 2J Head (R-8)
Only $575.00
On SALE for only $546.25

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Solid State Phase Converter, 1-1/2 - 2HP Motor
$95.00 Reg.
$85.00 SALE

Our New Heavy Duty Solid State Phase Converters will change the way you think about three phase motor conversion. These static converters are 100% solid state, no relay chattering, no re-generative effects on shut off, and no contacts to burn. There are many applications where single phase motors are just not available or very expensive. Consider using a high service factor three phase motor, and a Heavy Duty Model Phase Converter system. You end up with a very efficient and reliable single phase motor. Now it is both practical and cost effective to convert your three phase motors to single phase.

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Item Number: PC02VS

Price: $95.00 Reg.   $85.00 SALE


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