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brief bio of website

brief bio of website

In 1982 the city of Fort Wayne, IN suffered a devastating blow to its economy. The International Harvester Company decided to close the plant that had been employing thousands of residents since the 1920's. Through this closing a close nit group of journeymen machine rebuilders found themselves with three options; Retire (even though they all had nearly 30 years in with the company they all felt they were too young to retire), take out of town jobs (they were all from the area and didn't want to move their families away) or start their own company. With that in mind they started H&W Machine Repair & Rebuilding Inc. in the same plant where they had worked for the last 30 years.

In 1995 we moved into our current 19,000 square foot facility located between Fort Wayne & New Haven Indiana. We currently have 4 service trucks available for on site repair work and have expanded the original business of industrial machine repair and rebuilding to include new and used machinery sales, parts and accessory sales and preventive maintenance programs.

We are proud to partner with the following companies as full line distributors:

· Sharp Machinery

· Wells-Index Milling Machines

· Powermatic Machinery

· Performax Machiney

· Servo Power Feeds

· Acu-Rite Digital Readout Systems

· Anilam Digital Readout Systems

· Bijur Lubrication Systems

· Trico Lubrication Systems