The 300S digital readout from ACU-RITE is a versatile display unit designed primarily for milling machines, drilling and boring machines and lathes with up to 4 axes. A separate I/O unit provides switching input/ outputs for simple tasks in automation.

The 300S display unit is designed as a sturdy upright unit with splash-proof fulltravel keypad for use in the workshop. It supports all operations with straightforward interactive menus on its large, easy-to-read color flat screen.
The 300S digital readout offers all the functions of the 200S. In addition, the 300S is programmable, which makes it ideal for small-batch production on conventional machine tools: you can store up to 8 programs in the 300S, each with up to 250 working steps. Programs are created by either keying them in step by step or generating them through actual position capture (teach-in programming).

Data interfaces:
The 300S features an RS-232-C/V.24 serial interface for measured value transfer to a PC or printer, for input/output of parameters and compensation value lists.

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