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Mitutoyo's Linear Scale System tightly couples linear scale units with dedicated Digital Readout (DRO) units to offer accurate detection and display of axial displacement for machine tools and measuring equipment. The Linear Scale System can be configured to best meet your specific application, whether it be machining or measuring, just by choosing a suitable combination of scale unit and display unit. Scale units have many measuring length ranges and the display units feature remote zero setting, switchable resolution and multipurpose one-touch macro keys. The 
Linear Scale System has superior ease-of-use and is reliable, both of which are features that can dramatically improve machining accuracy and efficiency. 

If you don't see the correct system for your machine listed or you have any questions please call us at 800-285-5271 and we will be happy to help you find the correct system or part for your machine.
Mitutoyo KA-200 DRO System - Grinding

Mitutoyo KA-200 DRO System - Grinding

Mitutoyo KA-200 DRO System - Grinding
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-Absolute and Incremental Modes (10 Presets Each)
-Calculation Functions
-Non-Linear and Linear Error Compensation
-Adjustable High-Briteness, High-Refresh Rate LED Display
-Scale Test Feature
-Selectable Resolution Down to .0001" or better
-IP67 Rating

Package Includes:
-KA-200 Counter 
-Mounting Brackets
-Counter Tray
-Linear Scales with Cables (X & Z are AT716 scales)

*5 Year Limited Warranty