Fagor 20i Displays


20i Specification (General Purpose): 
-10 reference signals 
-Display-Off Mode 
-Multi point axis error compensation 
-Absolute & incremental 
-Inch / mm 
-Speed and counting alarms 
-Data back-up 
-Resolutions from 0, 1 to 500 microns, Hysterisis Part Centering 

20i-M Specifications (Milling): 
-Same as above plus: 
-20 work offsets 
-Bolt Hole (with most recent data in memory) 
-Linear hole pattern 
-Park Skew (alignment) 
-Tool Radius Compensation 
-Arc Machining 
-Machine Axis Rotation 

20i-T Specifications (Turning): 
-Same as 20i and 20i-M plus: 
-20 Tool Offsets 
-Taper Calculation 

20i-E Specifications (EDM and Grinders): 
-Same as 20i and 20i-M plus: 
-6 digital outputs 
-4 digital inputs
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