Trusty-Cook Dead Blow Hammers


Trusty-Cook, Inc., invented and developed the original line of polyurethane Dead Blow Hammers. Put the best American made quality to work for your company today! 

Quality Matters 

-Steel canister and rod are welded together for greater strength and safety. 
-Shot filled canister provides dead blow action in head for sustained impact, maximum power and striking force. 
-Canister in head and heat treated rod in handle are fully encased in hot cast custom formulated polyurethane. 
-Convex faces on heads are designed for maximum dead blow non-bounce action and are cut resistant. 

Outstanding Features 

-One Piece Polyurethane Construction. 
-No Exposed Metal on Handles or Heads. 
-No Mark, No Spark, Completly Formulated to Set a New Standard for Soft Face Performance and Durability. Eliminates Mushrooming, Splitting, Absorption of Liquids, Contamination and Chip Pick-up in Faces. 
-Outlasts Rawhide, Rubber, Brass, Lead, Nylon and Other Plastic Type Heads by 10-20 Times. 
-Exclusive textured, nonslip, comfort contoured handle and safety flanged butt provide sure grip and reduces worker fatigue. 

Don't Be Fooled By Cheap Knock Offs 
Or Inferior Products!
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