Loc-Line Adjustable Coolant Hose Kit
Loc-Line Adjustable Coolant Hose Kit
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  • loc-LINE will stay in position without any spring back.
  • Since LOC-LINE has a ball and socket design, bending doesn t decrease the inside diameter and won t kink like copper tubing. Also, there is no internal positioning rod that can break or restrict fluid flow.
  • loc-LINE is electronically non-conductive. It s ideal for use as an EDM flushing hose.
  • loc-LINE is designed for low pressure applications. The following maximum flow rates are recommended to avoid hose jetting. 1/4" LOC-LINE 250 gallons/hour 1/2" LOC-LINE 478 gallons/hour 3/4" LOC-LINE 1,140 gallons/hour