Three Phase Conversion Kit for 1 HP Bridgeport Motor
Three Phase Conversion Kit for 1 HP Bridgeport Motor
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This is a complete kit to replace your old Bridgeport 3-phase motor to a new 3-phase motor. This kit includes a new Baldor 1-1/2 HP Three Phase motor that can be wired to either 220 or 110, 2 Required Mounting Brackets, Mounting Hardware and Installation/wiring Instructions. The kit DOES NOT include a new drum switch, you must use your old switch. The motor pulley will need to be machined to .8750 and a new keyway broached. If you do not have the machining capacity to remachine the pulley you can send us your pulley and weill will bore and broach it for $50.

The Kit Includes: New Baldor Reversible 1-1/2 HP Three Phase (115/230) Motor Mounting Plate & Hardware for Motor Adaptor Plate & Hardware for your Drum Switch Complete Mounting & Wiring Instructions Complete Support Through Our 800 Number (Provided)

Will the new motor fit my old pulley? No, the new motor shaft is .8750" and the old shaft is .750. You will need to machine the bore out and broach the keyway to size. I don't have the capability to machine the pulley, what can I do? You can send us your pulley and we will bore and broach it for $50. 

The entire motor is missing, What can I do? We stock all the parts you will need (drum switch, motor pulley) to have a complete unit. Contact us for current prices. This kit fits all Bridgeport J-head (Step Pulley) Milling Machines. We do not currently have a kit to fit the Variable Speed heads. All items are new. This price is for the motor kit only and does not include the Bridgeport Head or Drum Switch pictured.