Bridgeport "J" (Step Pulley) Head Rebuild


1. Set-up and test run the head for proper operation in all speed and feed before disassembly.

2. Disassemble and clean each component of the upper head, inspection for damage or excessive wear and informing you of problems we find that will be over and above the standard rebuild.

3. Install new upper head bearings and belts into the upper half of the head (these parts are included in the cost of the rebuild).

4. Reassemble the head and test for proper operation.

5. Time required to complete the above-proposed repairs will be one to three days once on the bench.

6. Parts listed above and labor required to complete the above-proposed repairs will be $795.00.

7. Any additional required or requested parts will be at an additional charge and will not be ordered without the prior approval of your company.

8. If you would like us to remove the spindle, disassemble, clean and flush the bearings, repack with new high-speed grease and reassemble add $180.00

9. All freight to and from our facility will be additional.

10.If the spindle bearings need to be replaced add $500.00

11.Below is a list of additional parts that may be required:
  • • Motor Vari-Disc Assembly
  • • Quill Skirt 
  • • Spindle Felt Washer 
  • • Feed Reverse Knob Assembly
  • • Reverse Trip Ball Lever 
If you would like to send in your head to be rebuilt please call us at 1-800-285-5271. Remember to also put your contact information with the head.